Ubuntu File Sharing with Apple

Ubuntu file sharing with Apple computers over a network is fairly easy. Follow these steps.

Right click on the folder you’d like to share.


Choose Properties, and then click on the Local Network Share tab.


When you click on “Share this folder” (for the first time) you’ll get a message stating “Sharing service is not installed. You need to install the Windows network sharing service in order to share your folders.”


Confirm to install the additional software.


Provide your password to Authenticate.


Wait for installation to complete.



Once the installation is complete, you can share the folder.


Currently, something odd is happening between Ubuntu 14.1 and Apple 10.10 (Yosemite). It’s believed that Apple has implemented a version of SMB (file sharing) that does communicate properly with Ubuntu. Normally it would be possible to setup the folder to be accessible based on user accounts. However, attempting to login using one of the Linux user account names and password will fail. If you click on the bottom two boxes above, sharing will then work properly.

Apple Instructions

Follow these instructions to access the shared Ubuntu folder.

  1. On the Apple computer, press command+k (or from the Go menu in Finder, choose Go to server).
  2. Type in //ServerName/SharedFolder and press Enter.
  3. Choose Connect as Guest access (for some reason entering a username doesn’t work).

The shared folder should now be accessible.

Password Protected Sharing in Windows 7 – How to Turn On or Off

  1. Go to Control Panel.
  2. Go to Network Sharing Center
  3. Click on Advanced Sharing Settings
  4. Expand the Home or Work profile settings and choose to turn Password Protected Sharing on or off. It is on by default to only allow access to those you give permission.