Moto G First Time Setup with Motorola Migrate

If you’re setting up a Moto G (2nd Generation) phone for the first time, after entering your language preferences, connecting to a wireless network, and logging into your Google account, you’ll be given an option to migrate all your files and settings from a previous phone to the new phone using the Motorola Migrate app available on the Google Play store.

Here are some general instructions:

  1. Stop Migration First. The Motorola Migrate app will start during the initial setup of the phone. You can actually skip this step for now, and go to the main applications screen.
  2. Update Motorola Migrate. You may need to update the Motorola Migrate program on your recently purchased device. Go to the Google Play store, search for Motorola Migrate, and choose update. The version that ships with your device may be an older version.
  3. Use Local WiFi. The Motorola Migrate application uses your local wireless network to transfer information directly between the phones. So, you will need a local WiFi network — preferably your own personal home network. Connect to your local wireless network.
    • Note: If you’re in an Enterprise environment, or using some other business or WiFi network, it’s likely the migration will fail since firewall and business network switch/router settings may limit this kind of activity.
  4. Migrate Data. Follow the on-screen instructions to migrate your data.