Read iPhone App Update Notes Before Proceeding to Avoid Data Loss

When you update your iPhone apps you’ll notice under each app there’s an option to read “What’s New” to find out what has been introduced with this new update.

It’s good to read those notes for the following reason:

  • New Features. Sometimes it’s the only way you’ll learn of a useful new feature.
  • Critical Warning. Developers will sometimes put an important message in those notes such as “We’ve received feedback that this update will cause your phone to crash. We’ll get a revised one out soon.” That was a message recently with an app update.
  • Update Advice. There may be some advice from the app developer regarding the update. Some updates may require a backup of your data. See the example below.

It doesn’t take long to read the update notes, and most of the time it’s worth it because you’ll learn about some important new features and bug fixes.

For this reason, you may want to disable any automatic updates not just on your phone, but on your other devices and computers so you can be fully informed about the updates and make sure there are no known problems associated with the updates.

iPhone Updates – Screen Shots

Below you can see an example of how important update information isn’t visible until you tap “What’s New” to reveal it. In the example below, the app developer suggests users make a backup of their data before updating.



Apple iPhone Buying Guide

A common question people have these days is with regard to which mobile device to purchase. I typically recommend the Apple iPhone using AT&T. I’ll briefly share about my choice of phone and carrier, then get down to choosing which iPhone is best. For Fall 2016 the choice is relatively easy.

Mobile Carrier

Verizon has good nation-wide coverage for making voice calls, but in my own testing for my area, I found the high speed data services have been about the same or better with AT&T. The ability to use wi-fi for phone calls on AT&T has made the effective coverage and usability inside of buildings and other areas much better. The Verizon pricing seemed much higher than AT&T for what you get, and their shared data plan (last I checked), had limits per device. So, even if you have 15 GB shared, no device could use more than 3 GB in a month (for example). The prices and offerings are always changing, but in general I’ve found AT&T to be the best out there.

On a side note, we had a weird customer service experience with Verizon where it took us months of emails and phone calls to get our service disconnected – long after we’d returned the Samsung phones to their store they were still billing us for wireless service. They said their records didn’t show that we’d returned the phones, even though we had receipts and paperwork to prove all this (and a sales person who confirmed it). We finally had to bring in the district manager to get it all straightened out. Even then, they kept promising it was taken care of, and weeks would go by and nothing was taken care of. Finally they stopped charging us for the service and we got the money refunded. Anyway, not the best experience.

Android or iOS

I tried Android for about a year and still have an Android device for testing. In general, I find the Apple hardware better and the Apple operating system more secure. The Android environment is very similar to a desktop computer operating system which has advantages (customizable with multiple brands of hardware to choose from) as well as disadvantages (viruses, and less standardization). So, overall, for people that just want to get their work done, I’d recommend the Apple iPhone.

Apple iPhone Models and Pricing

If you go to the iPhone page on Apple’s website you’ll see that as of Fall 2016, the iPhone 7 is the latest model available. The iPhone 6s and iPhone SE are also available.

The pricing of these phones is as follows:

  • iPhone SE with 4″ display is $450 (64GB)
  • iPhone 6S with 4.7″ display is $550 (32GB) or $650 (128GB)
  • iPhone 6S Plus with 5.5″ display is $650 (32GB) or $750 (128GB)
  • iPhone 7 with 4.7″ display is $650 (32GB) or $750 (128GB) or $850 (256GB)
  • iPhone 7 Plus with 5.5″ display is $770 (32GB) or $870 (128GB) or $970 (256GB)

Buying Considerations

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • For a few hundred dollars difference, the iPhone 7 offers a faster processor, waterproof protection, and a much better camera. So, it’s a good choice for many people. It comes with an adapter to use older style headphones, and comes with newer style earbud headphones that plug in.
  • In previous years, the $100 price difference between the basic and plus models was simply to get a larger display. This year, the much better camera in the iPhone 7 Plus is something that is definitely worth it.
  • With regard to storage, 32GB is the bare minimum of what you’ll want. The next jump up is 128GB for about $100 more. That’s probably worth doing just to make sure you don’t run out of space.
  • There are lots of colors to choose from. Many people choose black and then add color with their choice of case.
  • The iPhone SE is attractively priced at $450 and it has a nice 4″ tiny size display which some people would like. Yet, the sharper metal edges, and smaller display could also be seen as a drawback. It depends on your preference.


The reason to choose the iPhone 7 Plus is to have a mobile device that is very fast and water resistant, with a large bright display and great camera.

The reason to choose the other models would be primarily to save some money – there are no other advantages. Their processors are now a year old, so their usable lifespan will be reduced. The few hundred dollars saved now is actually equated with a year or two less usability down the road. So, no savings in terms of long-term cost of ownership.


In the video below, starting at the 54 minute mark, is a presentation about the iPhone  7.

Apple iOS 10 Legacy Operational Issues


This is a live page being updated regularly with a list of iOS 10 legacy operational issues -problems that existed in previous iOS versions that have persisted and not been fixed yet in iOS 10. Additional items will be listed here as they are discovered.

iOS 10 Legacy Operational Issues

  1. Automatic Case. When typing, if you use a period such as in the abbreviation U.S. in the middle of a sentence, the word that immediately follows that abbreviation will be forced into upper case. The ‘automatic uppercase’ feature, doesnt’ seem to distinguish between a period at the end of a sentence and the period at the end of an abbreviation. Some abbreviations don’t force the next word to be capitalized, such as etc. yet others do. When he upper case letter is forced in the middle of a sentence, it’s necessary to type the word, then as the second letter of the word insert the lower case letter that starts the word, then manually delete the first letter (which was forced to be upper case). It’s a bit of a hassle.
  2. Dictation Keyboard Icon. If you’re using an iPad pro, and the dictation microphone key on the on-screen keyboard disappears, you may need to turn off the iPad and then turn it back on again to restore the button.
  3. Dictation Quote Marks. When dictating text, if you say ‘quote’ the quote mark will be generated immediately preceeding the next word you say. When you want to close the quote, you can’t simply say ‘quote’ to generate another quote mark because that will create a space and then a quote mark. You must say ‘end quote’ to generate a quote mark without a space before it.
  4. Dictation Spacing in Numbers. Usually when you dictate text, the text is dictated as if you typed it. If you’re using the Numbers program, every time you dictate text into a cell, after you press ‘Done’ to end dictation, a space will be inserted before what you just dictated. You’ll then need to awkwardly try to edit that space out of the cell which is more challenging in Numbers than most applications because of the close proximity to other buttons in the function edit area. There need to be no space inserted in front of dictated text.
  5. Email Signature Duplication. We reported this happening in iOS 9 back on 21 March 2016, and the problem has been brought forward into iOS 10. If you are typing a message and then change the ‘from’ account, you’ll end up with duplicate signatures. This also happens if you’re typing a message, and switch to another app, then return to email, you’ll end up with multiple copies of your signature. This happens on iPhone and iPad.
  6. Email Signature Settings. If you use multiple signatures, in Settings, when you go to review them, you may see the video presentation of those signatures overlapping on the screen making them unreadable and not editable. This has been a problem for years, spanning multiple iPhone and iPad models and multiple iOS versions.
  7. Emoticon Tray. When using an external Apple wireless keyboard with the iPad Pro, it’s possible to press the ‘eject’ key to display and hide the on-screen keyboard. Once switched to the emoticon on-screen keyboard, the ‘eject’ key no longer works to hide the on-screen keyboard. It’s necessary to switch back to the text keyboard first.

Apple WWDC Keynote Report and Commentary


This page provided live commentary on the 2016 Apple WWDC Keynote beginning at noon Central Time on 13 June 2016. The event should be available for viewing via streamed video or download through the iTunes as a podcast. The notes below provide a general outline of the event.

Introduction: Orlando

Tim Cook began the event expressing condolences for those impacted by the violence this weekend in Orlando.

Conference Overview

People at the conference are from over 70 countries. The youngest developer in attendance is a 9 year old girl.

There are over 2 million apps in the App Store with over 130 billion downloads.

There are now four Apple platforms: the Macintosh computer, iPhone / iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. These represent the four operating systems of Apple: watchOS, tvOS, OSX, and iOS.


Kevin Lynch. Provides an overview of WatchOS. There are performance increases that speed up the watch. Interface improvments save steps. Handwriting recognition allows you to write responses and have them converted to text. Health data can be represented on the watch face along with an analog or digital clock.

Reminders are easily managed in the watch. Find friends is built-in. The handwriting recognition can convert English or Chinese writing into print.

A feature called SOS integrates with 911 services in many countries so your watch will contact the emergency response people in the location where you are. The Medial ID information will be displayed on your watch, and your own emergency contacts will be notified along with a map showing your location.

Activity tracking and motivation are now adaptable for those who use wheel chairs. Prompts such as “It’s time to stand!” can be adjusted to say “Time to roll!”

A new app will now provide guidance for deep breathing exercises.

(1228) Kevin Lynch presenting again. Summarizing the above and talking about new APIs. Support for Apple Pay, fitness apps can run in the background, more animation, audio and video integration, Game Center integration. The preview release for developers is available today. The new upgrade will fee like a new watch and will be available this Fall.


Split screen will allow four sports games simultaneously. Molotov offers French programming with video on demand.

Remote control is provided through an iPhone App for control and gaming.

Siri for tvOS is improved. You can search movies by topic, such as “Find High School Comedies from the 80s.”

Siri searches 650,000 movies and TV shows currently. In the future, Siri will also search YouTube.

Live Tune-in is a feature that lets you speak a request such as “Watch ESPN 2” and you’re taken directly to that channel.

Currently, each app much be authorized when the programming is limited to subscribers of a certain cable provider. There will be a Single Sign on in the future, so all apps will be activated.

Apps download on the iPhone will automatically appear on the AppleTV when there’s an available equivalent app available. The new tvOS will be available in the Fall.


After 15 years, Apple OS X is now being renamed as macOS. The next version to be released will be called macOS Sierra.

The ability to move from one Apple device to another creates a seamless transition when working on tasks as one device picks up where we left off.

Auto Unlock is based on the Apple Watch location and authentication. So, now your computer can automatically let you login.

Copy something on your iPhone and now paste it into your Mac.

Over 10 billion documents are in iCloud today. The goal will be to have all documents, photos, music, videos, etc. on all your devices. A seamless pervasive cloud will make all content available everywhere. Cloud storage can store older files to make room for newer files.

A new file management system helps reduce wasted space. This can free up 130GB of unnecessary files and storage.

Apple Pay will now be available on the web. When you click the “Pay with Apple Pay” button, the computer will authenticate through your secured iPhone or Apple Watch.

Tabs will now be supported in apps.

Picture in picture will let videos continue to play over other programs.

Siri will now be on the Mac. Sophisticated queries for files. Searches can be saved to the Notification Panel. Commands are possible such as playing a certain playlist. Image searches from the web. Copy and paste from the iPad into a presentation is possible. Sending messages can be done through Siri. It’s possible to ask questions such as “What new movies are playing on Friday?”

The Developer Preview is available today. Public Beta in July, then the final update will be available to the public in the Fall.

iOS 10

The new iOS is version 10. Raise to wake makes it possible to see the notification screen. This helps eliminate the problem of skipping past the notification screen when you wake the phone from sleep with your fingerprint. The ability to clear all notifications will be possible. Better controls from the lock screen. Slide from right for camera. Slide from left for widgets. An improved 3D Touch capability, shows a summary widget for the selected app. This summary widget can be added to the widgets from te home screen.

In iOS 10 there is an improved Siri. There are currently over 2 billion Siri requests per week. Siri can go into applications and fulfill requests. Search photos, make payments, request Uber/Lyft, make Skype calls. This works in CarPlay.

Currently, QuickType uses context for better prediction. Siri will be able to intelligently suggest responses in text exchanges. Smart pre-population of calendar events. QuickType will automatically detect language input.

Currently, Photos Places allows you to see all photos based on location. With face recognition, you will be able to see photos based on people. With 11 billion computations per photo, it will be possible to find photos based on the content of the photo. Siri can bring up photos of people, trips, groups, topics, etc. An intuitive user interface can help organize the photos.

There is a new tab called Memories that shows events organized with details such as where the events took place, who was there, and events that are related because they are in similar places or with similar people. A video can be created automatically for a Memory event. These videos can be edited and shared. Themes determine what music is used for a video.

iOS Maps

Eddie Cue is discussing Maps in iOS. In Navigation, the 3D zooming is automatic and shows you further ahead including traffic conditions. Embedded restaurants are shown with wait times and you can book a reservation in Maps. Turn-by-turn instructions can be shown in the vehicle instrument display area. When you’re leaving a place, you can easily book a ride inside of maps.

iOS Music

There are 15 million subscribers to Apple Music. There will be a new interface. Now playing will be a bolder simpler screen.

Downloaded music will show you what’s on the iPhone. Recently Added shows albums, songs, and playlists recently added to the library. Lyrics are now included. For You offered suggested songs along with a Discovery Mix. Browse provides an insight into recent and important music, curated playlists, and top charts. Radio is live in every country. Beats 1 is becoming the largest radio station in the world. Stations provide genre-based all music stations.

iOS News

Over 60 million active monthly users. There will be a new interface and notifications.

iOS Home Kit

This is the iOS interface and framework for home automation. A new App called Home will allow for controlling all home automation devices. Commands like “Good night” will close the shades, lock the doors, dim the lights. When you say “Good Morning” the home can be prepared for your morning routine. When someone rings the doorbell, the Home App is awakened, shows you a video of who is at the door, and lets you unlock the door if desired. Geofences can be programmed so when you arrive home, the garage door can open, and the lights can turn on. On the iPad, more controls are shown. The Apple Watch includes Home support as well.

iOS Phone

Voicemail transcriptions. Third parties can provide you with a notification of possible spam calls. The Contact card has been upgraded to include various Apps to contact people with, based on your preferred App for each person. Calls can be routed from office systems to the iPhone.

iOS Messages

Videos can be seen right in messaging. Photos are easier to access. Invisible ink can be used for text messages or photos. Quick affirmation icons are a tap away. Handwriting bubbles convey handwriting. Neon written doodles can be sent. Full screen effects are available.

Emoji are suggested based on words in your message. Digital touch photos or videos can be created from within Messages. There are now apps within Messages.

iOS Other Improvements

Other improvements include split view in Safari.


End-to-end encryption is used with Messages, Home, and Maps. Searches for a route in Maps don’t produce user profiles. Differential privacy permits personalized operation of devices.

Swift Playgrounds for iPad

Swift programming code works across multiple platforms. There are over 100,000 apps that have been built on the Swift code. Swift was made open source in December 2015.

The Swift Playgrounds can help people learn to code. Just like QuickType suggestions, code suggestions are at the bottom of the screen.

Starting in the Fall, Swift Playgrounds will be available for free.

An inpiring video was shared that features what programmers are doing around the world, and what their experience was like when getting started with programming.


Tim Cook is concluding the keynote presentation by reviewing all that was presented. Tim emphasized how technology can make a better world and should enrich people’s lives.

The event ended shortly after 2PM Central Time.

Universal Wireless Keyboards for iOS, Android, Windows, Tablets and Computers


As people are increasingly using a variety of computing devices, it’s often necessary to switch between different devices while working. Universal keyboards save space by letting you have a single keyboard at your desk, and switch between devices. So, with one keyboard you can work on your smart phone, tablet, and desktop. Using a single keyboard is helpful because it takes up less space, and you can learn one keyboard rather than three or more. Not all keyboards feature easy switching, so you’ll need to look specifically for that feature.

Typing Efficiency

Laptop keyboards generally have a non-standard placement for arrow keys as well as the CTRL, ALT, Option, Fn (function), and Windows Start key (or Apple Command key). Variations between laptop keyboards, desktop keyboard, and Windows vs. Apple can limit your ability to have high familiarity and efficiency when moving from one computing device to another. Having a single standard keyboard that works on all devices (home, office, mobile) can help.

Keyboard Models

  • Anker® T320 Ultrathin Keyboard – Compatible across Android, iOS, and Windows, enabling you to mix and match with devices.
  • Logitech Wireless All-In-One Keyboard TK820 with Built-In Touchpad – This innovative keyboard seamlessly integrates typing, touch and gestures. So now you have everything you need to control and navigate your computer in one device. With a large, built-in touch pad, you can type and swipe comfortably together. It’s a new way to navigate—especially in Windows 8.
  • Logitech Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard K810 – Type in style with this elegantly designed, Bluetooth illuminated keyboard for Windows 8. Press one button to instantly switch between typing an email on your Windows PC, taking notes on your Apple iPad or replying to a text on your Android smartphone. With sharp, bright, backlit characters, this keyboard lets you create and communicate more easily on more devices—even in the dark.
  • Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard – For iPad, iPhone, Android devices, and Windows tablets. Operating system switch allows you to easily switch between devices.
  • Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard for Windows Tablets – This is a nicely styled keyboard, but primarily for Windows Tablet computers.
  • Minisuit BluBoard – BluBoard supports devices running Bluetooth 3.0 on iOS, Android, Blackberry, Kindle, and Windows. Acer, Blackberry Playbook, Google Nexus, iPad, Mini 2nd Gen, Kindle Fire HD/HDx, Microsoft Surface, Motorola, Samsung Galaxy Note, Tab, and many more!

Photo Gallery

Below are images of the keyboards mentioned above.

Apple iPad Pro Email Signature Duplication Problem

There’s presently an issue that seems to only be happening on the Apple iPad Pro where email signature is duplicated at the bottom of emails when changing the From sending address.

Here’s how to reproduce the error:

  1. Setup multiple send from addresses following the instructions found here: “Using Multiple Send From Email Addresses in Apple iOS.” Keep in mind that this has only been tested for people who have generic IMAP or POP3 email services (like those provided by a website hosting company).
  2. Create a new email message or reply to an existing message.
  3. For the From address, choose an account, and then choose another account. Each time you choose a new account, the signature won’t be replaced (as is normally the case), but instead an additional signature will be placed at the bottom of your message.
  4. If you switch to another app, and return to your in-progress draft email, another email signature will be added again each time you switch away and come back.

If a solution is found, it will be posted here.

Using Multiple Send From Email Addresses in Apple iOS


The Apple iOS platform (the operating system for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) let’s you have multiple send from email addresses. This document explains why you’d want to do that, and how to set it up.

Why Multiple Send From Addresses are Helpful

If you have a website, and the website hosting package comes with email service, and if you use a ‘catch all’ email account, you can setup various alias email addresses that forward to a central mail account. Email messages sent to or or will all go to the main ‘catch all’ account. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Save Time. A ‘catch-all’ account eliminates having to manage multiple email accounts.
  • Be Spontaneous. You can create an email address in an instant, from anywhere, and know it will work immediately. This is very helpful when standing in line at a store, and wanting to provide an email address that is unique for that vendor.
  • Sort Efficiently. You can setup email rules based on the address a message was sent to.
  • Manage Spam. If you start getting spam at an email address that is unique for a specific vendor, then it may be they are selling your email address to third parties.
  • Keep Organized. If you have several areas of expertise and services you provide, you can have an email for each of them.

How to Setup Multiple Send From Addresses

In the iOS platform (used for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch), it’s possible to setup multiple sending addresses. Here’s how this is done:

  • Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Mail > and selecting an email account.
  • Tap on Account
  • Tap on Email (found below Name)
  • Tap on Add Another Email to create an additional email address you can send from under this same account.
  • You must press the enter/return key after typing the email address to save it. Then you can return back to the main Settings screen, saving as you go.

Apple iCloud Sync Problems with Contacts and Calendar

You may occasionally experience synchronization issues with Apple iCloud, specifically with contacts or calendar entries.

Most of the time, when you add a contact or calendar event on your desktop or laptop computer, it will immediately and magically show up on all your other devices. However, sometimes it may be several minutes later and it doesn’t show up.

This can be a problem if you leave your home or office, thinking the recently added contacts will now be on your mobile device, but they aren’t.

This problem goes both ways. Sometimes items added to mobile devices don’t show up on their OS X equivalent apps.

So, here’s a trick that just might work:

  • On OS X, you can exit the Calendar or Contacts apps and start them again. This can help force a synchronization with iCloud.
  • On mobile devices, closing and re-opening apps may or may not work. You may need to add a new contact or event for the synchronization to be initiated.

Push technology is supposed to ensure that data synchronization and flow is forced to happen in real-time. However, it sometimes doesn’t work, so these tips can help in such situations.

These problems, and the solutions mentioned above, can actually happen on any synchronization platform (Windows, Android, Chrome OS, Linux, etc.) so it’s not necessarily an issue isolated to Apple.

For Google devices, a check-in can be established by sending an email or checking for new messages. This will initiate communications with their cloud services.

Using Apple iCloud Email and Alias Addresses

The following is from Apple’s support website as of 22 Feb 2016. It’s being reproduced here for archival purposes, easy reference, centralized searching, and also to be disseminated through our social media and network of followers.


Create or change email aliases

An email alias is an email address that conceals your actual email address from a recipient. You could create an alias to use when buying items from online stores, signing up for mailing lists, and registering online, and reserve your real email address for use with family and friends. In this way, aliases can help you better manage the email you receive and monitor the sources of unwanted messages.

You can also send email using an alias.

You can have up to three active email aliases, and you can delete or turn off an email alias at any time. You might want to turn off an alias if, for example, you use an alias to make a purchase. After you receive the item, you can turn off the alias to avoid follow-up advertisements, then turn it on again when you make another purchase.

Deleting an alias is permanent, so if you think you might want to use the alias again, you should simply turn it off. When an alias is turned off, all email sent to that alias is returned to the sender.

Note: If you had five MobileMe email address aliases when you moved your account to iCloud, you retain the five aliases. However, once you delete one of your five aliases, you can’t create a new one to replace it.

Aliases are not transferable. Only the iCloud account that created the alias can use it as an email address.

You can’t use an alias to sign in to, and you can’t use an alias to create a separate iCloud account.

Create an email alias

  1. In iCloud Mail, click the Action pop-up menu in the sidebar, then choose Preferences.
  2. Click Accounts.
  3. Click “Add an alias.”
  4. Provide the requested information:
    • Alias: The text you provide becomes the email address ( An alias must contain between 3 and 20 characters.
    • Full Name: The name you provide appears in the From field of the recipient’s email.
    • Label: iCloud Mail uses the label to categorize messages sent to your account.
    • Label Color: Messages appear in your Inbox with the colored label that you specify.
  5. Click OK, then click Done.

Change, turn off, turn on, or delete an alias

  1. In iCloud Mail, click the Action pop-up menu in the sidebar, then choose Preferences.
  2. Click Accounts.
  3. Select the alias in the Addresses list, then do any of the following:
    • To choose a new color for incoming messages, click a Label Color option. Alias labels appear only in the iCloud Mail app on
    • To change the name or label, enter a new alias name and label in the fields provided. Alias names must contain between 3 and 20 characters.
    • To turn off an alias, select “Disable alias.”

      When an alias is turned off, all email messages addressed to that alias are returned to the sender.

    • To turn on an alias, deselect “Disable alias.”
    • To delete an alias, click Delete.
  4. Click Done.

Select addresses you can send from

  1. In iCloud Mail, click the Action pop-up menu in the sidebar, then choose Preferences.
  2. Click Composing.
  3. Click the “Set a default address” pop-up menu, then choose the address you usually use.
  4. In the list of addresses, select the ones you want to be able to send from while using iCloud Mail.

    The selected addresses appear in the From pop-up menu when you create a new email message. For instructions, see Send email using an alias.

Set a default address to send from

If you created aliases or you have an or address in addition to your address, you can choose one to use as the default address when sending mail from your iCloud account.

  • In iCloud Mail, follow the instructions in “Select addresses you can send from,” above.
  • On your iOS 8 device, go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > iCloud. In the Advanced section, tap Mail, tap Email, then tap the address you usually want to send from.
  • On your iOS 7 device, go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > iCloud > Account. Tap Mail, tap Email, then tap the address you usually want to send from.
  • On your Mac, open Mail, then choose Mail > Preferences. In the Composing pane, click the “Send new messages from” pop-up menu, then choose the address you usually want to send from.
  • On your Windows computer, do one of the following:
    • In Outlook 2010, 2013, or 2016, choose File > Info > Account Settings > Account Settings, click the Email tab, select the address you usually want to send from, then click “Set as default.”
    • In Outlook 2007, choose Tools > Account Settings, click the Email tab, select the address you usually want to send from, then click “Set as default.”

Apple iPad Pro Pencil Stylus Actually DOES Have a Magnetic Mount

When Apple introduced the iPad Pro and optional Pencil stylus, reviews in the tech media and journals were quick to compare it with the Microsoft Surface. One of the primary criticisms was that the Apple Pencil didn’t magnetically hold to the iPad Pro. The Microsoft Surface Pro was touted as being better because it came with a stylus and the stylus could be held on magnetically:

“The Surface pen docks with strong magnets to the sides of the tablet, which is handier than you might think. … The iPad Pro doesn’t have any such docking feature, perhaps because the Apple Pencil is an optional accessory, but I think this is an oversight. Apple could have at least incorporated a holder on the keyboard.” (Source: LifeHacker, Melanie Pinola, 17 Jan 2016)

This has been a common commentary across multiple reviews.

Imagine my surprise this morning when I woke up, and put my Apple Pencil on the edge of my iPad Pro and found that indeed it DOES hold to the case magnetically as shown below.

I’m surprised that the media misreported this. Even more surprising is that Apple never responded to the criticism to set the record straight, nor does Apple mention among the features that the Pencil can be held on magnetically.

It’s a natural inclination to put the pencil on the case at the edge (just like a school notebook and wooden pencil), even if you don’t know it can be held magnetically.